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Informacje o domenie

United States
Ceny rejestracji
12 m-cy
Ceny odnowień
12 m-cy
Minimalny okres rejestracji
12 miesięcy
Maksymalny okres rejestracji
12 miesięcy
Minimalny okres odnowienia
12 miesięcy
Maksymalny okres odnowienia
12 miesięcy
Minimalna długość nazwy domeny
3 znaków
Maksymalna długość nazwy domeny
63 znaków
Dozwolone liczby na początku nazwy domeny
Dozwolone liczby na końcu nazwy domeny
Dozwolone liczby w środku nazwy domeny
Dozwolone myślniki na początku nazwy domeny
Dozwolone myślniki na końcu nazwy domeny
Dozwolone myślniki w środku nazwy domeny
Dozwolona rezerwacja domeny
Możliwość zarejestrowania opcji
Unparalleled benefits

• Combine your ".us" identity with the ".com" ending that allows high search engine ranking around the world
• Get the domain name that you want and that will drive the most success for your company
• Protect your trademark
• Instill confidence in your website in the US consumer market (without neglecting the rest of the world!)
• Get great names that aren’t available at .com!

Say hello to the world!

A powerful combination with twice the benefits of a typical domain extension, .US.COM is the only choice for businesses, organizations, shops, websites and brands with broad scope and big ambitions!

Why? Because it offers an unparalleled ‘dual SEO benefit’ that competitively advances online endeavours both locally and globally. That’s right, .US.COM is recognised by both country-specific and global search engines.

A win win situation

US.COM is perfect for companies wishing to obtain unparalleled presence in the US without neglecting the global market, and is just as excellent a choice for international companies with an interest in the American market.

The end result is that websites published on US.COM domains always win!

What’s in a name?... Big success.

Your web address is the foundation of all your online efforts, the essence of your digital existence. So it makes sense to build your foundation on something that sticks so that you get the best possible return.

US.COM is the ultimate online gateway to securing the exact name that you require because it offers an exhaustive database of unexploited names that are unavailable at .com, .net, and .us.

The closer your web address reflects your company name, the easier it will be for search engines and customers to locate you.

So don’t hide, capture the world as your audience with the domain name you want!

Get the lowdown on .US.COM

• functionally and technically equal to TLDs such as .com and .net
• restriction free: anyone can register as many as they wish
• IDN enabled: the world is multi-lingual and so is .US.COM, register domains in languages/scripts.

Register your .US.COM domain today.
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