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Informacje o domenie .xxx

Domena .xxx
Ceny rejestracji
12 m-cy
Ceny odnowień
12 m-cy
Minimalny okres rejestracji
12 miesięcy
Maksymalny okres rejestracji
12 miesięcy
Minimalny okres odnowienia
12 miesięcy
Maksymalny okres odnowienia
12 miesięcy
Minimalna długość nazwy domeny
3 znaków
Maksymalna długość nazwy domeny
63 znaków
Dozwolone liczby na początku nazwy domeny
Dozwolone liczby na końcu nazwy domeny
Dozwolone liczby w środku nazwy domeny
Dozwolone myślniki na początku nazwy domeny
Dozwolone myślniki na końcu nazwy domeny
Dozwolone myślniki w środku nazwy domeny
Dozwolona rezerwacja domeny
Możliwość zarejestrowania opcji
EuroDNS is one of the first Registrars officially accredited by .ICM Registry, the .XXX Registry to allow private individuals and companies to apply for ‘dotXXX’ Domain names. This document – which integrates EuroDNS’ Terms & Conditions of Registration but does not wish to replace the Registry’s official documentation available at – aims to answer your questions on the topic and help you understand the process more clearly.


1/ Schedule
Since December 6th of 2011, registration are open to all, first come first served.
2/ Fees

-Registration open to anyone: € 74 /year (ex. VAT)
-“Blocking” Sunrise (Opt-out): €195 validation fee (ex. VAT) including 10 years registration/blocking period
3/ General Rules

-.XXX domain names are subject to the “First Come, First Served” principle.
-.XXX Registrations are available to companies and individuals of each category who are members of the so-called Sponsored Community.
-Getting and using .XXX Domain Names is subject to specific conditions in addition to EuroDNS’ Terms & Conditions. Registering one or more .XXX Domain Name implies full acceptance of those Terms.

4/ Sponsored Community Membership

• The .XXX Registry will authenticate members of the Sponsored Community, as part of the domain name registration process. As part of this process, the .XXX Registry will validate contact information for the Registrant, secure the Registrant’s affirmative consent to the Registry-Registrant Agreement, and issue unique Membership Credentials.
• The Membership Application Process must be completed before a domain name is permitted to resolve in the TLD.
• There is no charge to Applicants to complete the Membership Application Process.
Sponsored Community consists of individuals, business, entities, and organizations that fit one of the following descriptions:
• Provide Online Adult Entertainment intended for consenting adults (“Providers”) (e.g. adult webmasters, performers, studios, store owners, club operators);
• Represent Providers (“Representatives”) (e.g. lawyers, agents, advisors, accountants, affiliates); or
• Provide products or services to Providers and Representatives (“Service Providers”) (e.g. adult domainers, manufacturers, delivery companies, caterers, distribution companies, merchant account services, make up artists, stylists, hosting services).

5/ Sponsored Community Validation Process
1. Upon reception of your application the .XXX Registry will send you an introduction email with validation link to the Registrant Contact email address provided in your application.
2. By clicking on the validation link in the .XXX Registry email you will be directed to the Membership Application page.
3. The Membership Application is free of charge. and only have to be filled per email address and not per domain application.
4. As a part of ICM's Membership Application, you will be required to:
• Provide correct birth date information
• Agree to the Registry's terms of service
• Attest to being a member of the Sponsored Community
The .XXX Registry will validate certain contact details:
• Address
• The Membership Application Process must be completed before a domain name is permitted to resolve in the TLD.
5. Phone Number (The Registry will call the phone number provided during the Membership Application and give a PIN number to you, that you will need to input a designated area in the Membership Application process.

For more details on the process .

I. Generalities
General conditions to get ‘.XXX’ Domain names
- To obtain a ‘.XXX’ Domain name from ICM Registry the applicant must meet the criteria set-out by the Registry.
- .XXX is a sponsored top level domain name (sTLD) open to any company or individual member of the adult sponsored community.

What is the annual cost for a ‘.XXX’ Domain name?
EuroDNS will charge its customers € 74 for each ‘.XXX’ domain name registered on their behalf through .ICM Registry for one year (minimum registration period offered by the Registry) unless such domain name was allocated during the Sunrise B period, in which case EuroDNS will solely charge you with a €195 fee for a 10 years period.

II. General Availability period

As of December 6, 2011, .XXX domain names will be allocated to applicants on a first come, first served basis. All members of the adult Sponsored Community can apply without pre-existing rights or qualifications unlike in the previous launch periods.

Non-resolving .XXX Domain Names
For those who are non-members of the adult Sponsored Community, EuroDNS will accept applications for non-resolving .XXX domain names. The intention is to protect your intellectual property for personal domain names, company domain names, product domain names.

We at EuroDNS are happy to support you throughout this important process, bringing you the highest quality of service. Be sure we will help you to make the most of your identity on the Internet.

Yours sincerely,

The EuroDNS Management Team
*Eligible Commerce includes the current, bona fide provision of Online Adult Entertainment, representation of Online Adult Entertainment Providers, and/or the provision of products and/or services to Online Adult Entertainment Providers and/or their representatives
Ograniczenia rejestracji
To order your .XXX domain(s), the sole requirement for applicants will be to successfully pass the membership application process which consist in the verification of the contact details provided by the applicants.
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