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Ceny rejestracji
12 m-cy
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12 m-cy
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12 miesięcy
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12 miesięcy
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12 miesięcy
Maksymalny okres odnowienia
12 miesięcy
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Możliwość zarejestrowania opcji
What is .CO.NO ?

CO.No extension is aimed at international users willing their Internet Addresses to end in "no" but with additional flexibility. While CO.No is not meant to replace .No, It can however be a valuable alternative in some cases.

The new extension will offer a great international impact and visibility as well as a larger flexibility since no there is no local presence requirements and an unlimited of domain names in Co.No can be registered by individuals and Companies alike.

Additionally, studies show that customers used to a "co.xx" address in their own countries are more likely to look for any particular brand in another "co.xx" suffix. As a result, using in conjunction with could increase your chances to attract traffic from the United Kingdom (, India ( or any other of the 45+ countries that use a "co.xx" extension.

As with other Registries, the co.No opening is divided in various phases:

A Sunrise period is held for trademark holders, from the November 1st until January 31st 2011, to give applicants the opportunity to register their brands as CO.No names before the system is open to the general public. To be considered as part of the Sunrise Phase, the Trademark must be fully registered by January 1st 2010.

In order to facilitate the protection of your Trademark in the extension, the Registry as partnered with the Clearing House for Intellectual Property (CHIP). Domain Names submitted as part of the Sunrise Period will be checked against the trademark data given by the Registrant through the EuroDNS interface.

Standard Sunrise Registration Price is 75 €. If you wish to Register several domain names based on the same trademark information, the validation fee decreases to 50 € for the second domain using the same trademark.

If you have obtained a CHIP code for a TM already validated in the Clearing House, the price decreases to 21 €.

All Sunrise Prices are on top of a 2-years Registration fee of 68 €

The Sunrise is operated on the basis of the first come, first served principle where the time of submission to the Registrar is considered, irrespective of the time when the TM is processed by the IP Clearing House.

The Go-Live Period is open to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis without any specific requirement. The Go-Live starts in the 2nd quarter of 2011 (exact date yet to be confirmed). Each domain name registration during Go Live costs 34 €.

This document - which integrates EuroDNS' Terms & Conditions of Registration but does not wish to replace the Registry's official documentation available at - aims to answer your questions on the topic and help you understand the process more clearly.


1/ Schedule

Sunrise: from the 1st of November at 10 am GMT to January 31st , 2011 at 10 am GMT

Open Registration: in the 2nd quarter of 2011 (exact date yet to be confirmed).

2/ Fees

The following mandatory fees apply for validation of the Trademark through the IP Clearing House (

Sunrise fee (Standard) 75.00 €
Sunrise fee (for existing TM) 50.00 €
Sunrise fee (with CHIP Code) 21.00 €

The Sunrise Period requires a two-years registration which cost 68 €

3/ General Rules

.Co.No Registrations are subject to the “First Come, First Served” principle.
.Co.No Registrations are available to companies and individuals of each category without any Geographic restriction
Getting and using .Co.No Domain Names is subject to specific conditions in addition to EuroDNS' Terms & Conditions. Registering one or more .Co.No Domain Name implies full acceptance of those Terms.

4/ Disputes
Disputes on Domain Names Registered during the Sunrise Period are subject to specific Rules established by the .Co.No Registry ( and governed by the UDRP principles (

I. Generalities

General conditions to get '.Co.No' Domain names

To obtain a .Co.No Domain name from the .Co.No Operator during the Sunrise Period, the applicant (you!) must submit Trademark information. However there is no specific requirement to register a .Co.No domain name after the Sunrise Period.

For the avoidance of doubt as well as for any aspect the Sunrise process not covered in this document, the Registrant or Holder agrees that he/she has read and understood the official Sunrise Policy Document provided by the .Co.No Operator at:

What is the annual cost for a '.Co.No' Domain name?

EuroDNS will charge its customers € 34 per year for each .Co.No domain name registered on their behalf through the Co.No Operator with a minimum term of 1 year

II Specific Situations - "Sunrise" period for Trademark holders

1/ What is the Sunrise Period
In order to protect companies and private individuals from abusive registration of .Co.No. Domain names which would infringe on their Trademarks, the Co.No Operator created a period defined as "Sunrise" to enable holders of such rights to register the corresponding .Co.No domain names on a priority basis. The "Sunrise" period is subject to a specific procedure and time restrictions, which will no longer apply for open registrations when the "Sunrise" period is over.

2/ How to benefit from the Sunrise Period
a) Principle
The Sunrise Period will last from November 1st 2010 to January 31st 2010. In order to be protected under Sunrise, the Trademark has to be registered in any worldwide trademark office/registry by January 1st 2010.

As a proof of such registration, Trademark holders must provide:
• The name or description of the trademark on which the Sunrise application is based;
• The country, region, locality wherein or the organization by whom the trademark has been registered ;
• The registration number of the trademark;
• The capacity of the Sunrise applicant (OWNER”, a “LICENSEE”, or an “ASSIGNEE)

b) Points to note
In order to be valid under the Sunrise, the Trademark must have been registered before January 1st of 2010.

For registered trademarks that contain spaces between textual elements, the spaces may be omitted or replaced by a hyphen. The resulting text will be considered an acceptable match with the registered trademark. For example, for a registered trademark that contains the text “A B C D”, the domains: “A-B-C-D.Co.No”, “ABCD.Co.No”, “AB-CD.Co.No”, etc.

Punctuations and special characters in a registered trademark may also be omitted or replaced by hyphens. In the case of a sequence of punctuation or special characters, they may be eliminated or replaced by one or more hyphens. The resulting text will be considered an acceptable match with the registered trademark. For example “AB.Co.No” will be considered an acceptable match for “A+B”, “A--B”, “A-B”; “A--B.Co.No” will also be considered an acceptable match for “A==B”.

Punctuations and special characters may also be spelled out in full utilizing LDH (Letter Digit Hyphen) characters with appropriate word(s) describing the character. For example, “A+B” can be written as “AandB.Co.No” or “AplusB.Co.No”. Both will be considered an acceptable match. The appropriateness of the replacement word will be determined by the Validation Agents with additional information sought from the Applicant should further clarification be required.

Registered trademarks that contain elements beyond the LDH (Letter Digit Hyphen) repertoire as technically accepted by the DNS (without IDN provisions) may replace those characters withcorresponding LDH characters for which the additional element is removed or for which the characters are decoupled. For example, characters such as “ä”, “é”, “ñ”, “ø” “æ” or “œ”, may be replaced by “a”, “e”, “n”, “o”, “ae” or “oe” respectively. The resulting text will be considered an acceptable match with the corresponding registered trademark.

However, the following accented and combined characters commonly used in the Spanish language are permitted and do not have to be replaced, such as á é í ó ú ü and ñ.

The country in which the Trademark has been registered must be entered using the relevant Code (see

No documentary evidence will be asked of the Customer to support the Sunrise request, the accuracy of the data will be enough by itself in most cases. However, the Validation Agent may have to make a posteriori checks. In that case, you will be directly contacted by said Validation Agent through the email address you will have appointed for the Administrative Contact of your application.

3/ Costs
Due to its specific level of protection, Sunrise Registration is subject to an increased price, directly determined by the Registry. This is why a non refundable € 15 premium will be charged.

III. Registering a .Co.No Domain Name
- Go to the EuroDNS homepage - http://www.eurodns.Co.Nom - and select ".Co.No Domain Name".
- Input the domain name you wish to Register and the Period for which you wish to get it: Sunrise, Landrush or Go-Live.
- The costs for the Registration will be displayed in your cart, including the applicable setup fee for the elected period.
- You can modify your request or go directly to payment of the complete sum displayed on the page.
- Once the payment has been processed, your request will be dated and recorded in our system and in your EuroDNS Customer account area. It will then be transmitted the Co.No Operator, once the Registry opens for the submission of registrations. This submission will be made as quickly as possible reflecting the access limitations applied by the Co.No Operator, and the sequence in which your paid application was accepted on our Website.

We at EuroDNS are committed to support you throughout this important process, bringing you the highest quality of service. Be sure we will help you to make the most of your .Co.No identity on the Internet.

Yours sincerely,
The EuroDNS Management Team
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